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New HTC Incredible – Verizon Service Not Incredible

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HTC IncredibleAs some of you may of read I’ve been on the look out for my next new phone and for a while now I’ve had my eyes on the HTC Incredible.  I followed all the rumors of its impending release on the Verizon network and read every preview about its awesome specs.  This phone’s hardware  specs and tight integration with Google Apps made this choice a no-brainer for me.  I was fairly certain the phone would be released soon and so a few weeks back I dropped in on the local Verizon store to see if there was any inside knowledge that I might be able to acquire.  I asked one of the sales associates when the Incredible would be in and he told me not until summer.  I was fairly certain that this wasn’t the case so I blew it off as either secrecy or lack of information.  A couple of days later official announcement came that it would be released on April 29th.

While I am currently being billed by Verizon, I still have an Alltel contract so in order to get the phone I was going to have to make the switch.  I had always been happy with Alltel’s service but knew that switch was inevitable.  The phone was only for pre-order online and not available in stores until the 29th. I decided to wait and get mine in store because I knew I’d be switching over my plan and upgrading my wife’s phone at the same time and didn’t want to deal with that hassle online.  I went in on the 28th and spoke with a sales associate about my plans.  He told me that in order to “guarantee” my Incredible I needed to schedule an appointment for the next day. So I did.  He also let me know that they were running a Buy One Get One deal and that my wife could get an Incredible for nothing extra. As a side note, my wife has never had a smart phone and I didn’t think she’d be interested in the Incredible.  When I got home I told her about the deal and how much I thought she’d love the phone and that once she starting using the features there’d be no turning back.  She was convinced and even a little excited to be getting rid of her out-dated jankity flip phone.  The monthly increase in our plan bothered her a bit but she was still a little excited.

The next morning I arrived at the Verizon store promptly for my appointment. Of course my friendly associate was not there.  To be fair however, he did tell me that he might not be and he assured me that someone else would be able to take care of me.  Well needless to say nobody else in the store knew of the BOGO deal that he had mentioned the day before but thought perhaps he’d be able to help me when he came in.  I wasn’t feeling so good about it at this point.  I left my card and asked them to have him call me when he got in for the day. The day and evening passed – no call.  I dropped in this afternoon and waited for, we’ll call him Lameek, to get back from his lunch break. Lameek walked over  and greeted me and asked if I had received his message.  I hadn’t, hhmmmm how strange?  He then proceeded to tell me what I figured he was going to tell me all along, “We all thought that the Incredible was going to be part of the BOGO deal.”  We could purchase a Droid and get the Incredible for free.  The Droid is currently being offered for the same price as the Incredible.  I wasn’t quite sure why we couldn’t make this work.  I could get a Droid for $250 and then get a free Incredible.  But I couldn’t get an Incredible for $250 and a free Incredible.  The problem is neither my wife or I wanted a Droid.  We wanted the Incredible. Lameek apologized and said there was nothing that they could do.  What he meant was “sorry for you.” No offer to compromise or anything.  Am I just wrong or are policies just a way for companies to alienate their customers?

Anyway, I digress.  What I meant was “sorry for them” from what I read today the iPhone 4G/HD could be out as early as June and more than likely won’t be on the Verizon network and neither will I.

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