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Book Review Rework

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I just finished reading Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.  Fried is co-counder of 37signals a Chicago based company that builds well-known Web 2.0 tools such as Basecamp, Highrise, Campfire, and Backpack.  Hansson is a partner at 37signals and also the creator of the Ruby on Rails, the popular programming framework.

This book puts it in your face that business is changing at a rapid pace and that the way we looked at things yesterday or even today may be out of date.  Stressing the importance of adaptability is a major theme that runs throughout the book.  Many of the points made run contrary to what we’ve been told in the past.   Some of the chapters:

  • “Learning from mistakes is overrated”
  • “Planning is guessing”
  • “Throw less at the problem”
  • “Meetings are toxic”
  • “Underdo your competition”

Overall I found Rework to be an entertaining and easy read.  While you may not agree with everything, you should definitely check this book out for no other reason than see a different way of looking at the same old problems.  Maybe you’ll even find a way to “Rework” your business a little bit.

  • Be Real
  • Cut the Fat
  • Small is Good and Nimble
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