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Get Up and Get Going

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I really expected my first blog post to be about some life changing technology that I’d recently read about but then I was reading my daily newspaper yesterday (aka Google Reader) and ran across a great post on one of my favorite life improvement websites written by Simon Simonds. “Become an Early Riser in 5 Days” caught my attention because I’ve been having an issue with the alarm clock lately. Not the alarm clock itself, it does just what it is supposed to do and more. Th iH9 by iHome sports a multitude of features including dual customizable alarms, gradual wake, gradual sleep, the ability to completely dim the illuminated digits on the clock, and a snooze feature that allows you to set the length of time between micronaps.  Add it all up and you get an device delivered straight from Hell.

Even before reading the post I realized that I had to make a change.  Getting to work when everyone else does is simply not an option when you want to have a productive day.  The phone rings as soon as you walk in the door, you have to check your emails, have another cup of coffee, talk to a co-worker or two, an unexpected emergency arises – the list goes on. None of those things happen at 5:00 a.m.  Except for the cup of coffee. In the post Simonds says, “You can do anything for 5 days.”  For the most part I think that’s true.  What it boils down to though is deciding that you’re going to do it and finding the motivation that enables you to follow through.  Get up and get going. Check out the post though.  There are some great tips and a even contest for further motivation. I entered – will you?

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